How to apply for the NPORS/CSCS Operator Card

Published 10/01/2022

Testing from 1st October 2016.

Log in to the website using your NPORS Training Provider number and password.

Select the notification tab and add new notification.

Follow the notification process and when you add the category notify the testing using the ‘C’ code.

You are able to add the NPORS / CSCS ‘C’ code and the NPORS Traditional ‘N’ code on the same notification.

Complete the notification Ø Undertake the operator testing completing the required paperwork.

Complete the Operator Registration Document and ensure you tick either the NPORS TRADITIONAL option or the NPORS / CSCS option for each category.

Submit the registration paperwork to NPORS along with the NPORS Operator Coversheet.


If you have selected certain categories for the NPORS / CSCS card and others for the NPORS Traditional card you will be charged for both the NPORS / CSCS and NPORS Traditional card PLEASE ENSURE THE OPERATOR MEETS THE NPORS / CSCS CRITERIA BEFORE APPLYING FOR THE REGISTRATIONS AS PER ‘INFO ON NPORS CSCS (SEPTEMBER 2016)’ WHICH CAN BE FOUND IN THE TECHNICAL BULLETIN SECTION ON THE NPORS WEBSITE Outstanding Notifications Please ensure that any paperwork you are holding for testing that may already have taken place is sent in to NPORS as soon as possible To apply for the NPORS / CSCS card please email with the notification number and the category they wish to change to the ‘C’ code along with the operator’s names that have attended the testing. Please submit the operator registration forms using the new registration form with the NPORS / CSCS option next to the categories, along with the NPORS cover sheet and clearly tick the CSCS option.

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